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About Us

The Everyone Has a Story initiative was started in 2019 in response to an identified issue within many of the workplaces in our country in which many employees are not receiving mental health services due either to the stigma that still surrounds mental health within the workplace or  are not adequately informed or directed to already existing resources within the company or the community in which they live and work. The name of the initiative signifies that mental health disorders are actually a common occurrence, and are all around us in our life. If one is not directly dealing with a disorder, then someone around them such as a friend, relative, neighbor, or coworker is challenged with a disorder. Those that are struggling are not alone. If asked, everyone has a story.

Through this initiative, we seek to educate employees, normalize the mental health conversation within the workplace, and assist employers in creating healthier workplace environments in which employees feel safe in seeking out the help they need. Companies that create mental health friendly environments not only show their employees that they care about them, but they also benefit financially from reduced turnover, absences, and increased productivity.