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Share Your Story


Storytelling is a powerful tool.  According to Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning, it is a tool that can be used to influence, teach, and inspire.  Similarly, the Health Foundation of the United Kingdom points to storytelling as a way of contributing to inclusion and connection, building confidence and bringing about change.  We share videos of employees telling their stories for all of these reasons.  Our goal through the production and sharing of these messages is to normalize the conversation around mental health in the workplace, convince those that may be struggling to get help, and help businesses to not only understand the struggles of their employees but to also encourage them to be openly supportive of getting them the help they need.

We encourage other employees to share their stories as part of this initiative.  Everyone's story is unique and provides powerful windows into the struggles, roads of recovery, and messages of hope and resilience that others employees that may be struggling can use as a springboard to seek out assistance.  They show that Everyone Has A Story, and that you are not as alone as you may think you are.

Please email us through the Contact Us page, using the Message Subject dropdown, "I'd like to submit an employee video or an employer success video", and we will get back to you about how you can produce your own video for use internally within your own company, or posting on our initiative website.