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Make The Change program

Why Should Your Company "Make the Change"?

1 in 5 US adults lives with a mental health disorder annually.

Mental health disorders have a greater impact in the workplace than physical disorders.

Mental health disorders account for 62% of all absences and 81% of lost productivity time.

70% of employees are not receiving any treatment, although resources are often available.

The Make The Change program provides guidance for employers in establishing improvement to their current processes related to mental health.  The primary goal is for employers to work towards improvements over time that make sense for each individual Company.

The program checklist can be used as a guide for each Company to monitor progress towards areas it identifies as improvement opportunities.  The Program will survey each participating Company on an annual basis to records its status with program improvement initiatives in order to gauge the overall impact of the initiative on both a Company and community level.

To Register:

Go to the Contact US page and email us, selecting the register option under the Message Subject dropdown.  We will get back to you with program documentation and additional guidance.

MAKE THE CHANGE and register for this FREE program today!