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How to Talk to Employees That May be Struggling

Employers are often reluctant to initiate discussions to inquire if an employee who may be struggling with a mental health disorder is OK, because they're not quite sure how to approach this.  Below are some links to some useful resources:

Mental Health Works (Canada):  How Can I approach an employee?

Even though this is a Canadian program, and employment laws in Canada may differ from U.S. laws, the approach here is general in nature, and may be useful for employers here in the U.S.

Westsound Workforce:  Handling Mental Health Issues in the Workplace

Workplace Mental Health.org:  ICU program.  Initially developed by Dupont's EAP program, and later donated by Dupont to Workplace Mental Health, the ICU program is an awareness program designed to reduce stigma in the workplace and foster that supports mental health.

Always consult with your Human Resources department to discuss options before communicating with your employee about mental health concerns.